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Calvert 22 is permanently closed.

Calvert 22

East London art gallery showcasing contemporary art from Europe's Eastern Bloc. 


Since 2009, the Calvert 22 Foundation has been been dedicated to fostering dialogue and cultural understanding between the “New East” – eastern Europe, Russia, the Balkans and Central Asia – and the rest of the world. The foundation was founded by Russian-born economist Nonna Materkova, who has been based in London since the late 1990s.

A key component of the foundation’s efforts is the Calvert 22 Space, which showcases the work of contemporary artists, both established and emerging, from the region. The exhibition space provides this often-overlooked demographic of artists across all media the opportunity to share their unique perspectives and ideas with London audiences. The space also hosts a variety of events and discussions that further explore its exhibitions and themes related to the foundation’s core mission.

Calvert 22 Space is located in London’s diverse Shoreditich neighborhood, famous for its thriving immigrant population and vibrant artistic community. Shoreditch’s affiliation with the arts dates back to the 16th Century when it was home to the city’s first entertainment district which included some of England’s first permanent theatres where a young Shakespeare debuted his early work.

The Calvert 22 Foundation is the UK’s only nonprofit specializing in art from the New East.

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