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Carefree Sundial

Carefree, Arizona

Once disputed as the largest sundial in the world.  


One of the sources of fascination with this sundial goes back to the original claim that it was the largest sundial in the world when it was commemorated in 1959. Many claims have disputed this from the City of San Francisco to Sun City in Arizona, which both have sundials that are larger by measure. 

The 90-inch diameter base holds the gnomon which is 72 inches in length. The steel frame is covered with anodized copper. Designed by solar engineer John Yellot and architect Joe Wong, the sundial is time adjusted for local time at 27.7 minutes behind the meridian which is Mountain Standard Time. A smaller 1/48th scale model is on the site along with an equation of the timetable.

According to the local Kiwanis Club, the sundial property was acquired in 1976 and is maintained by the Kiwanis Club of Carefree. It is dedicated to the memory of a fellow member, Kenyon Turner Palmer.

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