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Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health is permanently closed.

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Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health

A safe space and resource for anything and everything relating to sex and sexuality. 


Filled with educational materials, sex toys, books, and the largest handmade vulva doorframe in America, the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health is a resource center for everything relating to sex and sexuality.  

The CSPH, a nonprofit organization based out of Pawtucket, Rhode Island, was designed to provide adults with a safe physical space to learn about sexual pleasure, health, and advocacy issues. The center almost never saw the light of day, however.

It took six months to open the doors after the planned grand opening, due to untrue state rumors that the organization was to be a brothel. After the ACLU became involved, the city of Pawtucket gave the center a special use permit for education.

Today it’s a place where people can attend events, read books, receive personal consultations, sex therapy or even just pop by to satisfy their curiosity and say they’ve been there. It includes a fantastic and robust sexuality library. There are hundreds of books, magazines, and sexuality education curricula available for browsing while having a cup of coffee or tea. 

Update as of February 2020: While the Drop-In Center is closed, the center still exists online. 

Know Before You Go

The CSPH is located in the historic Grant building in Pawtucket, at 250 Main Street. Go in the front door and it is the first door on the right hand side upon entering. Look for the little sign above the door that says “Sex Clinic”. There is free parking in the street in front of the Grant and, when those spots are taken, there is plenty of free parking in the garage (even though the signs say otherwise-it is a trick, don't believe it) The parking garage is also filled with amazing graffiti and is rumored to be America's First Hip Hop Mall. They have an adorable cat, Bisquit, they take care of that is VERY friendly. Bring allergy medication if you are allergic.

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