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Church of Agia Fotini Mantineias

Tripoli, Greece

This church combines Christian, Byzantine, and ancient Greek architectural elements. 


This unique Greek Orthodox church is located on a plain where the ancient city of Mantineia was formerly situated. Construction on the church began in 1969 and it was inaugurated in 1978. No cement was used during the building process, only natural materials such as stone, marble, wood, and tiles.

There are rumors that the church was constructed with materials taken from ancient Greek structures such as pillars, stones, and mosaics. The church was created by architect Konstantinos Papatheodorou and was dedicated to Saint Photina, the Samaritan woman at the well. Photina also means “the luminous one.”

The design of the church also contains key architectural elements from the Byzantine and the early Christian eras. 

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From the E65, take exit 8 Nestani towards Bytina - Olympia. From there, turn right on the road Eparxiaki Odos Agorianis-Koronias towards Artimisio village.

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