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Villa Martelli, Argentina

This giant power line tower is a robot that can express its moods in neon. 


Towering over a neighborhood in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, the giant skeletal robot known as Coloso almost looks imposing until the neon lights across its face make it smile and wink. 

Built in 2012 by the art collective known as DOMA, Coloso was their entry in the Technopolis art and design event. The wire frame construction stands almost 150 feet tall and looks like a normal electricity pylon save for the shoulder spikes and the arms dangling at its sides. Neon lights are attached to a number of the beams so that at night, the whole thing lights up and is able to really shine. The chest area, or “heart” strobes and creates patterns while the robot’s face animates into various moods with smiles and winks.

While not as menacing as many of the giant robots found in science fiction and film stories, and not quite as cuddly as some other popular automatons, Coloso certainly is one of the best power pylons ever created.

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