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Country Tavern Restaurant is permanently closed.

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Country Tavern Restaurant

Restaurant in a 1741 farmhouse that touts the story of its haunting on its menus. 


The Country Tavern Restaurant and Lounge is a gourmet restaurant located in Nashua, NH. Much of its appeal is derived from the fact that it’s located in a converted 1741 farmhouse, giving the place a pleasant, historical ambiance.

It also claims to be haunted. Brazenly. The restaurant devotes an entire page of real estate on the menu to the assertion. The back cover of the Country Tavern’s menu is an undated, typo-ridden article reprinted from the local paper about a ghost that purportedly inhabits the restaurant.

The ghost’s name, according to the menu, is Elizabeth Ford, and she was a previous tenant of the establishment back when it was a residence. She was murdered by her sea captain husband and thrown down a well after he returned from a year-long voyage to find that she had recently given birth. The baby was also murdered and buried under a tree.

The article on the menu also details some of the instances of ghostliness that have occurred throughout the years at the restaurant, including archaically dressed apparitions, invisible presences, and flying dinnerware. Adapted with Permission from: The New England Grimpendium by J.W. Ocker

Update: The Country Tavern Restaurant has permanently closed.

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