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YU Biznis Centar

Considered an architectural abomination by some, this metal-clad building is known as 'little red riding hood' by locals. 


Crvenkapa (“Little Red Riding Hood”) is the nickname of the YU Bizniz Centar complex in Blok 12 of Novi Beograd. This business, residential, and shopping complex on Bulevar Mihajla Pupina earned its nickname thanks to its striking red details in contrast to the building’s white facade. After initial designs in the 1990s, it appeared in Belgrade in the early 2000s.

Known as “the building with sails”, the YUBC, known earlier as the NBG Centar, had once been considered one of the most luxurious residential buildings for social housing. Designed by the Serbian architect Mario Jobst with GP Energoprojekt as the investor and contractor, the settlement was built in a supposedly Mediterranean style and served as an artistic expression of the architect who is known to emphasize red in his constructions. Having been inspired by the Danube as well as the sails of ships, Jobst sought to display ornamentation in a part of the city predominantly defined by grey Brutalism.  

On the ground, it is unmissable to the foreign eye. Being quite a big complex, you will be able to observe a plethora of “futuristic” glass, concrete, red, and green elements.

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