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Curious Rock

Spencer, West Virginia

A table rock formation that has been intriguing West Virginians for years. 


Natural formation or Native American totem? Local legends imply that it could be either, or perhaps both. 

Sitting on the mountain top this rock formation is on private property and not available for public access. Accredited schools and research teams can request access in advance.  

The large capstone precariously sitting atop the stone column almost looks like a hat. While there are local mysteries regarding the formation’s origins, geologists actually have a name for this type of rock: a “Table Rock” formation, not unlike the Jug Rock formation in Indiana or the Turnip Rock formation in Michigan.

Their occurrence, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, makes it understandable why towers like this captivate members of the community as well as local scientists. Explorers have made the long hike to view the rock hat-wearing rock since early pioneer days. The current landowner has contacted the state to see what they knew about the formation, and to his surprise state officials know of the site but no official research has been done. 

Know Before You Go

This formation is on private property and is not available for public hikes. The landowner will not tolerate trespassers. This post is to inform official educational organizations for historic preservation and research only.

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January 16, 2013

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