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Dapper Cadaver

"Looks so real, it's scary!" 


Their website tagline, “Looks so real, it’s scary!” is no joke.

This year-round supplier of Halloween and death-related props leaves no body part unturned, and no nightmare unaccounted for. Human organs aside, perhaps you need a chicken skeleton, or a mummified baby dragon? They have those too.

Dapper Cadaver supplies quality horror movie props including medical props, dinosaur bones, coffins, caskets, specimen jars with everything you could imagine, both realistic and fantastic. One of the few exciting prop houses open to the public, Dapper Cadaver is the go-to spot for prop masters whether working on budget films or blockbusters

From silly Halloween décor to freakishly realistic severed arms, they have everything a haunted house could possibly want or need, much less that corny B-movie you’ve always wanted to film in your mom’s basement. Don’t worry, they provide makeup, clothing, and novelty pens for looky-loos, just in case you don’t actually need a 6-ft. Break Away Obelisk to take home, and don’t want to leave empty handed.

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