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Denbigh Castle Ruins

Picturesque ruins once held off mighty armies. 


Built in the late 1200s during the castle-building craze that followed the conquest of Wales by Edward I, the ruins of Denbigh Castle are perched on a hilltop overlooking the Vale of Clwyd.

The imposing structure may never have actually been finished, as the designer, Henry de Lacy, did not live to see it completed and it is thought that some of his plans were left uncompleted. Nonetheless, the castle was strong enough to fend off invaders over the centuries, even keeping Cromwell’s men at bay for four months.

The structure is surrounded by walls nearly two-thirds of a mile long, featuring imposing towers with intriguing names like Countess Tower and Goblin Tower. The three-towered Great Gatehouse is considered the most notable feature of the castle, designed by Master James of St George.

After the restoration of the monarchy in the 17th century, Denbigh Castle was abandoned and it has been left to fall into picturesque decay since.

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