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Devils' Museum

Ever-growing collection of devils in art. 


Attention tourists looking to make a once in a lifetime deal: Do you want all the earthly pleasures known to man? Do you have a soul? Do you have a desire to keep said soul? If not, stop on by the Žmuidzinavičius Museum, where over 3,000 interpretations of the Devil can make your wildest dreams come true.

What began as a small collection in the private home of Lithuanian artist Antanas Žmuidzinavičius, has blossomed into a multi-structure gathering of lords of the underworld. Today, the museum houses over 3,000 works depicting the devil. The majority of the pieces are sculptures, made from a variety of mediums including wood, glass, ceramic and paper.

Since 1982, when the museum first expanded, there has been a flood of devils into Lithuania from around the world including masks, witches and other mythological characters. One of the stranger pieces featured in the museum is a sculpture of Hitler and Stalin skipping around an area littered with human bones.

Although the collection began with a focus on fine art depictions of Satan, it has moved into the realm of souvenir as well, and many items now housed in the Devils’ Museum were left as gifts by visitors. Admission to the museum is around $3 USD, a paltry sum, compared your soul.

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