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Dolphin House Museum

Alice Town, Bahamas

One man's love of sea life and art has turned his home into a temple of outsider island art. 


Ashley Saunders, a local author, artist, historian and retired teacher on the island of Bimini has opened his home, the Dolphin House Museum, to visitors who can take in his chaotic mosaics that act as homages to his island’s history.  

Saunders whose family has lived on Bimini since the American Revolution has built a unique house and a landmark tourist attraction.  In 1993, he began construction of a house unlike any other using found and recycled materials to decorate every inch of the concrete structure.  The Dolphin House in Alice Town (North Bimini) is a thick and sturdy building, purpose-designed to withstand the ugly forces of passing hurricanes, yet also embellished by the careful touches of an artist.  The interior and exterior walls are completely covered in mosaics composed of colorful tiles, shells, bottles, coins, and all manner of other found objects. He has used materials from demolition sites and shoreline cast-offs from various places. Saunders warmly invites any and all guests to see his home and learn not only about his unique artistic vision but also of the history of the Bahamas island he loves so much.  The intense love he has for his island home motivated him to write two volumes of the History of Bimini and four books of island poetry.

Mr. Saunders considers himself a dolphin inspired artist who tells a story of swimming with a large pod of wild Bimini dolphins and attributes his artistic vision to that inspirational experience.

“The dolphins touched my heart and made me an artist.” - Ashley Saunders

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