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Dr. Russell's Imaginarium

This antique store and museum features unusual items from all corners of the world. 


Dr Russell’s Imaginarium is the name given to this quite fascinating museum which is situated in the outer Perth suburb of Guildford. Inside holds a treasure trove of items that the owner, Phil Russell, has gathered over a number of years.

After overcoming a life-threatening accident at the age of 17, Russell pursued his lifetime ambition of opening up his own antique store and showing off his collection to the world. What started as a small collection of items has now turned into a museum and visitors can interact with antique items.

The collection specializes in the weird and wonderful and has been built up over a period of 45 years. There are a range of items on show, including props and memorabilia from popular movies and television series such as Dr. Who and Star Wars, old advertising signs, and sex toys from over 100 years ago.

Know Before You Go

There is a $2 entry fee to enter Dr Russell's Imaginarium. This is exchanged for a token which allows 1 play on a choice of antique games.

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