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Browse this eclectic market, and you’ll find anything from Soviet memorabilia to household items to artwork. It’s a vibrant spot to hunt around for a unique souvenir from your travels.

Dry Bridge gets its name from its location: it’s literally a dry bridge. Years ago, an arm of the Kura River created a small island between the east and west banks. That waterway has since dried up, but the name stuck, and the spot now holds one of the most interesting bazaars in Tbilisi.

Flea markets such as this sprung up after the fall of the Soviet Union, when locals needed to find ways to make ends meet. Many of the first vendors here at Dry Bridge sold their own goods. It’s a legacy that remains today, though it has a new target audience in tourists.

The Dry Bridge market has a bit of a split personality. There are the vendors selling Soviet memorabilia and household items, and then there are the vendors selling crafts, souvenirs, and artwork. Haggling is expected, but it’s unlikely tourists will get as good a deal as a local—the market is cash only and very little English is spoken, but the vendors are friendly and welcoming. 

Know Before You Go

Weekends are best for visiting, but it will likely be crowded. especially in the spring and summer.

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