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Dusty Groove

Internationally known record store and purveyor of "dusties." 


In the early 1990s, a few DJs at the University of Chicago’s radio station had a clever idea.

Since they loved scouring the South Side for “dusties” - old 45s and LPs from the city’s soul and blues heyday - and playing them on the air and at parties, why not try to make some extra income by re-selling their finds to other DJs and musicians?  

Improbably, their modest direct-mail operation exploded into a hugely profitable business, and to this day Dusty Groove is internationally renowned for having the rarest in vintage blues, soul, jazz, world music, hip hop, soundtracks, and other musical oddities.  

Their large, airy store is a must-visit for any “vinyl junkies”; while their holdings are not cheap, the upcharge seems reasonable for the curatorial skill on display. As actor/rapper Common once observed about Dusty Groove’s co-founder in his DJ days: “If you were wack, J.P. Chill would let you know.”

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Open 7 days a week, 10am-8pm. Call 773-342-5800 or email dg@dustygroove.com for more information.

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