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Collingwood, Australia

A train car sitting on a rooftop makes an unlikely and picturesque setting for dinner. 


This quirky burger restaurant allows visitors to eat five stories up inside a “Hitachi,” one of the retired train cars from Melbourne’s suburban railway network.

These trains are known as Hitachi trains because the electrical equipment was supplied by Commonwealth Engineering, with designs by the Hitachi company of Japan. The stainless steel Hitachi cars were the city’s first suburban trains with power-closing doors and heating. In total, 355 Hitachi train cars rolled along the Melbourne tracks between 1972 and 2014, when the fleet was retired from service. 

At Easey’s, diners can enjoy the lasting legacy of the Hitachi fleet. One of the cars—the 135M, which started service in 1978—now sits on the rooftop of a building in the Melbourne suburb of Collingwood, where it serves as a restaurant. The entrance and interior feature graffiti and artwork with an urban train theme. The commuter seats are authentic and there are many quirky features that pay tribute to the trains of the city.

Local graffiti artists regularly refresh Easey’s street art aesthetic by spray-painting the exterior walls of the dining car. On the wall outside is a 30-meter-wide (100-foot-wide) mural that pays tribute to Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

As for the food, expect American-inspired classics with a Melbourne twist, such as chili cheese dogs, fried chicken sandwiches, and fried meat-and-veggie dumplings battered in the local beer.

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If you'd like to dine in the train car, make a reservation on the restaurant's website. It fills up fast!

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