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Site of Edgar Allan Poe's Death

The site where Poe "in great distress, and ... in need of immediate assistance" likely died. 


Using an old lithograph of Church Hospital, the Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore may have finally come to a conclusion concerning where Edgar Allan Poe actually died.

Based on information provided by Poe‘s attending physician, Dr. John J. Moran, the room in which Poe died was in the tower on the far left, on the second floor, above and to the left of the roof of the porch. There is some debate as to whether or not this is the correct location.

A large stairway, dating to at least 1855, currently occupies that tower and may have been there even in Poe’s day. A bronze plaque marks the purported site of the room: “Here before alterations was the room in which Edgar Allan Poe died, October 7, 1849.”

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On the northwest corner of Broadway and Fairmount.

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