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Go surfing on this urban wave, "hacked" by local surfers. 


When you think of wave surfing you probably have the sea in mind. But surfing is also possible far away from the sea. One spot of this kind is Eisbachwelle in Munich, an artificial standing wave approximately half a meter high.

Part of a man-made river, the cold, shallow surf spot became popular in the early 1970s and has since been host to a yearly surfing competition. The surfers have even “hacked” the wave by adding a system of underwater ropes attached to planks which channel the wave into two taller, cleaner U-shapes.

Eisbachwelle is not suitable for beginners and many accidents have occurred here, so the German authorities have prohibited bathing there and have said they intend to close Eisbachwelle.

However, protests against its closure and an online petition led to the standing wave being recognized as an officially accepted surf spot, albeit with a sign that reads, “Due to the forceful current, the wave is suitable for skilled and experienced surfers only.”

Amazingly this is not the only standing wave in the city of Munich. Two others exist, with one only appearing when the river reaches flood levels.

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