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The Emergency Ark

Port Austin, Michigan

Artist Scott Hocking took a dilapidated 1890s barn to create his massive "Barnboat." 


Well, friends, let me tell you about a little gem you might stumble upon while cruising down a country road. There you are, admiring the peaceful scenery, taking in the sights of cows grazing in the fields. Then, out of the blue, you spot it—the Ark.

That weathered old timber, twisted and bent, looks like a dance of the ancient planks from the virgin forests that once ruled the thumb of Michigan. What started as a humble farm building is now a piece of art. A sculptor named Scott Hocking created the Emergency Ark back in 2015. He took a 19th-century barn and worked his magic, turning it into a symbol of sanctuary and safety. 

So, folks, next time you’re out and about, enjoying the beauty of the countryside, keep an eye out for the Ark.

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If you're wondering where to find this artistic wonder, it's just about a mile south of Oak Beach, right there on Oak Beach Road and Fehner.

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