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Emu Rising Mosaic

Denham, Australia

This public work of art pays tribute to an early Aboriginal Australian constellation pattern.  


“Emu Rising” was the name given to this impressive mosaic that sits at the end of the main street of Denham, the main town in the Shire of Shark Bay, Western Australia.

It was designed by local artist, Markham Boston, from the nearby town of Carnarvon, and was unveiled to the public in 2000. The work depicts an emu, the native bird, rising within a constellation of stars. The Emu in the Sky is a well-known Aboriginal astronomical constellation that is outlined by dark areas of the night sky. It is thought that it was part of a complex navigation system used by Aboriginal groups in many parts of Australia. 

The work was produced as part of a statewide community art competition that saw 10 winners across Western Australia. This was part of the state’s Millenium celebrations and a copy of each mosaic can be found at Barrack Square in Perth. 

Markham Boston’s work was chosen to be displayed at Denham and sits on the Denham foreshore. 

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