Expedition Bigfoot (The Sasquatch Museum) – Cherry Log, Georgia - Atlas Obscura

“Expedition: Bigfoot!” wears its heart on its sleeve. Also known as the Sasquatch Museum, it wastes no time attempting to mask its end goal: trying to convince visitors that Bigfoot is real.

In the far north of Georgia, just off Highway 515, sits one of the of the most complete collections of Sasquatch artifacts, memorabilia, and folklore gathered in one place.

The 4,000-square foot museum is comprised of newspaper articles documenting sightings, sketches, and casts of handprints and footprints gathered by Bigfoot enthusiasts and researchers from all over. Owners David and Malinda Bakara say it’s the largest collection of Bigfoot artifacts in any museum anywhere.

The impressive collection is a real labor of love for the Bakaras. Avid Bigfoot believers, Sasquatch searchers, closeted cryptozoologists, and the even most skeptical cynics can all find something interesting at this museum in Cherry Log. At the very least, among all the engaging, educational, and entertaining artifacts (and free cookies for visitors!) the cast of a butt-print from a Yeti is definitely worth a look.

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