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Update as of August 2020: The park is now known as  Raptor Ranch and has maintained much of its original Bedrock decor. 

Bedrock City is a Flintstones-themed amusement park and campground that will have you screaming, “Yabba dabba doo!” if you were a fan of the cartoon. 

Since 1973, Bedrock City has made it possible for park-goers to see what life was like for everyone’s favorite Stone Age family. For Flintstones rookies, there is a small rock movie theatre they can watch a Flintstone cartoon to catch up. Besides the homes of Fred & Wilma, Barney & Betty, there is also a small train, a schoolhouse, and the dinosaur slide that mimics the brontosaurus Fred slides off when it is quitting time at the quarry. In addition to Bedrock City’s more standard amenities, such as the campground and park area, visitors can also eat at Fred’s Diner, which serves up Flintstones-inspired Bronto Burgers and Chickasurus Dinners, and spend money at the gift shop, which sells stuffed dinosaurs, postcards, and T-shirts with Fred’s face on them. 

In 2015, longtime owner Linda Speckels put Bedrock City up for sale. After having owned and operated the park for more than 40 years, Speckels, now in her mid-70s, cited her desire to retire as her primary reason for selling. The 30-acre property is currently priced at $2 million.

This place is a great stop after you have seen the Grand Canyon and are driving that long stretch of desolate highway back to civilization.    

Update As of January 2019: This site is closed.

Update as of February 2019: The site was purchased by new owners who say they will convert the property to a park displaying birds of prey. They say some of the Flintstones displays will be incorporated into the new park, but most will be removed. 

Update as of October 2019: Bedrock City is currently closed indefinitely, but has an uncertain fate.

Update May 2022: Most of the exhibits are still there. Can’t miss it when driving through.

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Bedrock City is located right where the US-180 meets the AZ-64, roughly a 30-minute drive to the Grand Canyon's South Rim.

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