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Fox Hotel in Copenhagen is permanently closed.

Fox Hotel in Copenhagen

Hotel designed by indie graphics artists. 


Update: As of March 2015 it seems that the hotel has been refurbished and the art has been taken down. It has been rebranded as the “Business Traveler Friendly” SP34, a much more standard upscale boutique hotel.

Hotel Fox in the center of Copenhagen is at the bleeding edge of modern art and design. While many high street institutions claim interiors designed by famous names, rare are these that let art take precedence over function.

Hotel fox is a place of entirely different kind. Rather than focusing on the expenses shed upon its interior design. It is a place where art comes to play and frolic, art that is fun to watch, and fun to toy with, infused by popular culture, street fashion, cartoons and video games.

Each room is a small masterpiece of contemporary design, a unique creation by one of 21 preeminent world artists. These artists come from backgrounds as diverse as electronic music to typography. The styles rage from urban street art and hip hop infused graffiti traditions, retro, minimalist line art, to manga inspired creations.

The individual artists and art collectives include: Friends With You, Tokidoki, Geneviève Gauckler, Boris Hoppek, WK Interakt, Antoine et Manuel, Kim Hiorthøy, Container, Benjamin Güdel Akim, Zasd and Bus 126, E-Types, Eike König and Martin Lorenz, Birgit Amadori, Rinzen collective, Speto, MASA, Via Grafik, Andreas Mindt, Neasden Control Centre, Kinpro, Freaklüb, Ariel Aguilera, Andrea Benyi and Anke Vera Zink.


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