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Full Tilt Ice Cream and Pinball Arcade

An ice cream parlor chain that caters to vegans and pinball fans equally. 


Full Tilt Ice Cream in Seattle’s White Center neighborhood strives to be more than just a place to beat the rare Seattle heat. It was established in 2008 by a pair of entrepreneurs who wanted to create a family-friendly place where they could enjoy ice cream and take in some local art on the same trip.

Setting up shop in the less-than-upstanding-at-the-time neighborhood of White Center, the owners soon found that their presence was a welcome boon to the community, and their eclectic variety of flavors, which includes a rotating daily roster and many vegan options, was a hit.

Vintage pinball machines were added after a friend of the shop requested them and this final piece of entertainment completed the exciting and fun atmosphere which pervades the shop today.

Full Tilt Ice Cream and Pinball has since expanded to multiple locations around Seattle, although the original location in White Center remains a home for delicious treats and great times. In addition to the pinball machines, art, and ice cream the shop also hosts near-nightly events such as concerts and Dungeons and Dragons games.

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This Ballard location has closed. White Center and Columbia City remain open.

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