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Chasseneuil-du-Poitou, France

France's high-tech, future-themed amusement park. 


Futuroscope, a future-themed amusement park in France, opened in 1987 amid the high-tech hype of the ’80s. Within 10 years it had 3D movie theatres, and now offers 4D and even holographic entertainment. Futuroscope’s exhibits all look to what’s next, speculating about technologies, foods, and even animals that may be around in the years to come.

The park’s rides are future-themed as well, such as “Dances With Robots,” in which visitors strap into giant, mobile robot arms on an enormous dance floor. Outside, there are the “Gyrotour,” a rotating observatory that lifts visitors 150 feet straight up into the air, and the “Aerobar,” a kind of Gyrotour with no walls or windows that serves drinks, both of which offer a view of the park from above.

That view is something to behold, with dazzling futuristic glass and metal buildings that house Futuroscope’s restaurants and movie theatres, and giant spheres and domes. The fantastical evening show, a collaboration with Cirque Du Soleil, is performed on one of Europe’s largest water stages.

For visitors more interested in time traveling in the opposite direction, the park has an immersive Time Machine ride that shows riders significant moments in history. Some of Futuroscope’s 25 attractions are the only such attractions in the world.

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