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Gargoyle Fountain

Pottsville, Pennsylvania

Outside a small brewery, a Gothic fountain that once provided water to thirsty horses. 


A fascinating piece of gothic artwork sits just feet off the road in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. This functional fountain was originally specifically for horses to drink from. The more interesting and gothic feature of the fountain is that the spout is coming out of a gargoyle’s mouth.

Spring water running off the hillside flows by gravity through the gargoyle’s mouth and is used to refresh many horses that took the time to stop and take a drink. Standing outside of what is now the Black Rock Brewpub, the gargoyle fountain still watches as many people pass by in automobiles.

Standing at nine feet tall, this work of art was restored by the Schuylkill County Municipal Authority in memory of local educator Howard S. Fernsler, according to the base of the fountain. The fountain was restored in 2020, but does not appear to be working at the moment.

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