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In the eastern corner of Old Goa, along the highway, stands a gigantic ancient gate within a residential compound. The imposing structure grabs the attention of any viewer instantly.

This is the Gate of the College of St. Paul. The gate is all that remains of the 16th-century school building which once stood here. The gate is a large arch with a niche on top and is supported by artistic columns. There are information plaques within the premises.

The stone gate, built in 1542, led to the College of St. Paul, which according to historians and experts, once had 200 teachers and 3000 students in 1556. This building also once held the first printing press in India. It came to Goa on September 6, 1556, a photo of which is on display in the Pilgrimage of Faith museum within the Old Archiepiscopal Palace nearby.

The gate is huge and magnificent and stands in a calm, serene corner by the highway, a short distance away from the other monuments of Old Goa.

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This gate stands a little to the east of the other monuments of Old Goa, within a walled complex and is easily accessible from the main highway.

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