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Giant Wooden Bear of Sveg

Sveg, Sweden

This massive Trojan ursine was built to be a new tourist symbol for a small Swedish town. 


Towering over the center of the tiny Swedish locality of Sveg is a giant wooden bear that was created, not to infiltrate the town like the Trojan Horse of old, but to bring more outsiders to the town. 

Created between 2003 -2005, the huge, abstract animal still bears the look of the materials that it is made of. The animal was made by a local corporation as an attraction to draw tourists and give the town a distinct symbol. The giant animal is built from thin pieces of wood, stacked atop each other, making the monument’s construction part of its design that can be seen by any passing observer. Originally planned at around nine meters, the finished bear is more of a bear at 13 meters tall.

Given its simple design and construction, the bear doesn’t actually look like much of an anatomically correct bear, but is instead, more of the lumpy IDEA of a bear. Although it almost makes it more cute for it. The bear is also hollow, with three interior levels, not unlike the Trojan horse of old.

It may not be the beariest bear in the world, but the the town of Sveg would not be the same without its newest, most giant mascot. 

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