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Gospodor Monument Park is permanently closed.

Gospodor Monument Park

Toledo, Washington

These memorials built by an eccentric bachelor on the side of Interstate 5 cause both wonder and traffic accidents. 


Dominic Gospodor, a Seattle entrepreneur, began constructing the Gospodor Monument Park in 2002. Gospodor created the unusual roadside attraction to pay tribute to people he felt were under-acknowledged.

The monuments all stand atop enormous columns. The first monuments included memorials to Mother Teresa, Jesus Christ, and Holocaust victims. The park later expanded to include memorials to everyone from Susan B. Anthony to William Seward.

But though his intentions may have been good, the park has caused a fair share of harm. Ever since its construction, the monuments have been nothing but a thorn in the side of the local Lewis County government and the Washington State Patrol. Due to their location adjacent to Interstate 5, the monuments have caused severe traffic jams from motorists trying to catch a glimpse as they drive past, which over the years has lead to many accidents.

Gospodor died in 2010, and the property was purchased by the Cowlitz Indian Tribe in 2012. The Cowlitz are restoring his fields as a camas prairie, bringing new life to the land while the old towers rust beside the freeway.

Know Before You Go

Though the monuments are located close to Interstate 5, viewing them from the highway can, and has, caused many accidents. 

Dec 2023 Update: There is only one tower remaining for distance viewing and the closed gate declares the park to be permanently closed.

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