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Graveface Museum

Hidden amid the old-world charm of Savannah is a museum dedicated to the world of oddities and criminal history.  


Tucked away in the beautiful historic district of Savannah, Georgia, the Graveface Museum is probably one of the strangest places visitors will come across when traveling down this old, cobblestone road. If you’re into the strange and unusual, this museum is nothing short of extraordinary. The museum, at first glance, appears to be just another place for taxidermy oddities, however, there is much more to the Graveface.

On the second floor, the history of sideshow attractions is explored through one of a kind photos and videos. All are dedicated to the memories of the traveling circus. This hallway is fun, fascinating, and leads to the true gem of the museum, the true-crime room.

Inside, are exhibits dedicated to some of the country’s most infamous criminals and crimes. Venturing through this section of the museum, visitors will come across things such as Jim Jones’s sunglasses and Charlie Manson’s sweatpants. Visitors will also be introduced to one of the largest collections of John Wayne Gacy paintings. Various doodles from various serial killers can also be viewed.

While the museum certainly centers around the macabre and strange, the Graveface does offer a little lightheartedness. The museum is also home to a room that contains well-over 15 pinball machines, all horror-themed of course and featuring classic horror characters such as Elvira. 

If you happen to be venturing through Savannah, the Graveface Museum is a must-visit. They also offer an incredible selection of pins, t-shirts, oddities, and true crime-related souvenirs all designed in-house. It’s hands down one of the most unique places to visit in Savannah. 

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Hours are from Hours 12:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. 

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