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These charming, colorful Victorian gingerbread houses are nestled on the shores of Grimsby Beach in the Niagara Region of Ontario. They boast every color of the rainbow and each has a unique character and theme. Originally cottages, now winterized, some of the homes are over 150 years old.

In the 1840s this area was a popular summer destination for many Ontarians. The Methodist Church had a camp in the area and later built a large auditorium called “the Temple.” Over time, cottages started being built in place of the camp tents. 

Over the years, the use of the area went through many changes — from amusement park to movie theater — and was eventually altered by the construction of the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) highway through the area. The history of the Methodist camp is marked by an old iron bell in the center of Auditorium Circle, a small court in Grimsby Beach where you’ll find the majority of the cottages. Visitors will find additional colorful houses on the neighboring street, Temple Lane.

A walk through this quiet neighborhood will afford the best opportunity to enjoy the most intricate details and quirky personalities of each of the cottages, learn a little about the history of the region, and perhaps even allow visitors to engage with the homeowners.

Know Before You Go

Grimsby Beach is a quiet residential neighborhood. The cottages are private homes and viewing them should be enjoyed from the road only.

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