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Hamish McHamish Statue

This bronze statue was erected to honor a small Scottish town's beloved stray cat. 


​Every town has its stray cats, but none love theirs so much as the small Scottish town of St. Andrews which has installed a permanent bronze statue to honor Hamish McHamish, the town’s unofficial mascot. 

Technically Hamish was not a stray as the fluffy ginger feline was once owned by a local St. Andrews woman, but as the cat began to roam further and further from home on his daily journeys, the rest of the town began to take an interest in his welfare. Neighbors began feeding the roaming critter and local businesses (of course the bookstore) would allow him to wander around inside or curl up on the counter. Soon the orange cat had become the toast of the town and locals and visitors alike were ferreting out the calm kitty to get a picture. Facebook and Twitter pages were even started in Hamish’s name. 

Hamish’s popularity grew so widespread that the publisher of the town’s local paper began a campaign to erect a statue of the cat. The monument quickly raised $8,000 from local donations and the Hamish McHamish statue was approved. Now the bronze cat will be remembered long after its ginger inspiration has passed away.

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