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Hanging Rock National Natural Landmark

Lagro, Indiana

This rock formation above the Wabash River is part of an ancient coral reef. 


Hanging Rock National Natural Landmark is a unique feature along the Wabash River near Lagro, Indiana. Hanging Rock rises approximately 65 feet above the river and provides a spectacular view of the surrounding area and river. It has been recognized as a National Natural Landmark since 1986. Prior to this, Hanging Rock served as a river navigational landmark and a lookout point.

The unique rock formation is part of an ancient reef. Like the nearby Wabash Reef, Hanging Rock is made up of the fossilized remains of ancient organisms. Over millions of years, the remains turned into mass of rock, which was then uncovered by glacial movement and flowing water during the Ice Age.

A story from the Indigenous Miami people holds that there was once a tragic fight on top of Hanging Rock. Two young warriors were fighting for the hand of a beautiful young woman named Wy-nu-sa. She called for them to fight for her hand, though she secretly loved one more than the other. During the fight, one of the young men fell from Hanging Rock to his death—the one who Wy-nu-sa loved more. She was so devastated that she followed him off the rock to her own death.

Hanging Rock is now protected by ACRES Land Trust for all to see and enjoy.



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