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Hexenmuseum Schweiz

Gränichen, Switzerland

The excellent Swiss museum of witchcraft is led by a modern witch. 


Schloss Liebegg, a medieval castle built in the 13th century, is located atop of a wooded hill near the Swiss village of Gränichen. The stately building hosts a unique museum dedicated to all kind of spiritual movements, occult circles, religious groups, and mystic leaders connected to witches and witchcraft—and, of course, their numerous enemies throughout history.

The Hexenmuseum Schweiz (Witchcraft Museum Switzerland) is founded and directed by Wicca Meier-Spring, a modern witchcraft practitioner who aims to tackle the prejudices that witches still face in today’s society. Spanning all continents, witches and witchcraft have been a part of many cultures and civilizations from antiquity to today. From ancient Egyptian dynasties through the rites of American First Nations to New Age movements and beloved fantasy stories, the museum offers a comparative perspective on this multifaceted phenomenon. 

The exhibition spans several rooms that display a vast collection of curious objects related to folk medicine, folk art, alchemy, astrology, anthropology, archeology, local Swiss traditions, religions, and occultism. There is an herb garden, a divination room, a library, and many other carefully curated exhibits. A large part of the exhibition also commemorates the roughly 10,000 men, women, and children who were murdered during the terrible witch hunts and witch trials all over Switzerland between the 13th and 18th centuries. But this museum is unique in that it looks at how that tragic time impacted modern society and the way witchcraft is viewed today.

Know Before You Go

The museum is not suitable for children younger than 11 years of age. It has no regular opening hours but upcoming hours and dates are published on the website several months in advance. The museum offers a series of unique guided tours, talks, workshops, and events, such as night walks during the full moon or advanced classes in fortune-telling. A highlight of the year is a nocturnal visit during Walpurgis Night, the night of April 30th and the day of May 1st.

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