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Jack O'Landia

This strangely vacant Western amusement seems to be an empty tribute to residents of Lucerne Valley. 


Lucerne Valley’s Jack O’Landia is a monument to eccentricity located along Highway 18 in the high desert, where the town slogan is “A Town with Character(s).”

The mysterious Jack O’Landia sits in the “downtown” of tiny Lucerne Valley, and is essentially a lot filled with a replica of a small western town. It looks like an old western theme park, but it’s not clear if it was built with children or adults in mind. A “last stop” gallows complete with noose and replica saloon imply adults, but a set of swings and slides says children. There is also a big banner which reads “In memory of Victor Avila 1986-2011,” in reference to the owner’s son. Another sign reads “In memory of Freddy Fender 1937 to 2006.”  

Many locals say they have never actually seen it open, but claim it has been standing for over 30 years. When pressed on the origins of the park, they shrug and say, “I heard it’s just a weird guy with too much money.” Jack O’Landia is a truly unique creation that must be seen to be understood.

Know Before You Go

Next to the Fourquare Church. Private property, so please enjoy only from the side of the road.

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