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Július Satinský Statue

This statue points to another unusual companion work of art often overlooked by visitors.  


Július Satinský is one of the most beloved comedians in Slovak history, an all-around entertainer who was also a movie actor, singer, and radio personality. From 1959, when they were around 18 years of age, he and fellow comic Milan Lasica were active as a double act and entertained people in Czechoslovakia (Czechia) throughout its Socialist era and beyond its dissolution.

In 2002, Satinský received the Pribina Cross of the First Class, a state award for his lifetime contribution to Slovak art and support for civil society. Later that year, the celebrated showman passed away from colon cancer. A hero to many, a monument was erected in Bratislava in his remembrance. Located on Dunajska Street, where Satinský lived all his life, the shiny chrome monument was created by local artist Svetozár Ilavský, who spent two years perfecting his sculpture.

The work itself is rather unusual and eye-catching, but many casual passersby fail to notice a vital part of the art. All you need to do is follow his finger, which points at a nearby building, whose wall is decorated with something unusual. A massive silvery ear that represents the listeners of Satinský’s radio programs. The plaque at the foot reads,”There is freedom on our street” in three different languages: Slovak, Hungarian, and German.

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March 2, 2023

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