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Kamakura, Japan

Mandarado Burial Grottoes

An eerie cluster of medieval cave-like tombs carved out of a cliff, hidden in a historic mountain pass.
Kamakura, Japan

Grave of Yasujirō Ozu

The legendary Japanese filmmaker’s tombstone is marked by a single letter meaning “nothing," and bottles of sake.
Kamakura, Japan


Open since 1690, this former teahouse makes “strength mochi” based on the centuries-old recipe.
Tokyo, Japan

Okuno Building Manual Elevator

This atmospheric pre-war building is home to one of the few manually operated elevators left in Tokyo.
Orlando, Florida

'The Traveler'

If you don't look closely, you might mistake this sculpture for just another passenger waiting at the airport.
Incheon, South Korea

Gentle Monster

A pair of oily black spiders lurk inside South Korea's largest airport.
Oxford, England

Site of the Rewley Road Rail Station

A plaque is all that remains of a lost Oxford transport hub.
Berlin, Germany


Largely overlooked, this little fountain on Museum Island is a whimsical tribute to a Prussian king nicknamed the “Fatty Flounder.”
Hamura, Japan

Gonokami Maimaizu Well

Originally built circa 13-14th century, this “snail well” was a resourceful means to draw water in a region where the soil was mostly loam.
Tokyo, Japan

Showa Retro Packaging Museum

A collection of nostalgic items from the Showa era with an exhibit on the local ghost story of the Snow Woman.
Ōme, Japan

Nyanya Magari Cat Alley

A hidden alley with seven corners and handmade cat decorations.
Tokyo, Japan

Faret Tachikawa

The former site of the U.S. military base redeveloped as an art district, boasting a collection of 109 public artworks from 36 countries.
Tokyo, Japan

Five Zelkovas of Kami-Itabashi

Various accidents and illnesses fell upon the developers who tried to remove these historic trees.
Tokyo, Japan

Ubagaike Pond

According to local legend, an ancient serial killer nicknamed the “Hag” once haunted this pond.
Tokyo, Japan

Hanashi Zuka (Grave of Censored Stories)

This “grave” memorializes the 53 rakugo stories that were once banned by the national censorship.
Los Angeles, California

Charlotte and Robert Disney House

This humble American Craftsman home is where the Disney brothers’ animation business took flight in 1923.
Luxembourg, Luxembourg


This small chapel built into rock is the oldest place of worship in Luxembourg.
Chiba, Japan

Kasori Shell Mounds

This prehistoric site is home to the largest shell midden cluster in Japan.
Chiba, Japan

Prince Pujie’s Honeymoon House

This house was once the residence of Aisin-Gioro Pujie, the younger brother of China’s last emperor.
Yokohama, Japan

Kokudō Station

Unchanged for decades, World War II-era bullet holes and nostalgic ghost signs still haunt this desolate train station.
Yokohama, Japan

Taya Caves

A network of ancient tunnels and vaulted chambers with mystical Buddhist reliefs, built for ascetic training.
Yamanashi, Japan

Stone God of Nanoka-Ichiba

Considered an enigma by folklorists, an object of primitive animistic worship lives on in Yamanashi.
Yamanashi, Japan

Kanibōzu Claw Marks

A giant man-eating crab monster allegedly left its claw marks on this unassuming boulder.
Koshu, Japan

Daizenji 'Grape Temple'

A monk-run winery inside a Buddhist temple celebrates Japan's crown grape varietal.