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El Grao de Castellón, Spain

Edificio Sol

Believed to be the largest Spanish sculpture affixed to a housing block.
Aranjuez, Spain

Pajarera del Jardín de la Isla

A massive birdcage in this royal, 18th-century garden has sparked a local controversy.
Covarrubias, Spain

Monument to Princess Kristina of Norway

Princess Kristina played a pivotal role in fostering diplomatic ties between two kingdoms, Norway and Spain.
Madrid, Spain

Museo Sorolla

A comprehensive look at the art of Joaquín Sorolla in his former home in Madrid.
Valencia, Spain

Torre Miramar (Miramar Tower)

This abandoned viewing platform has become a monument to unnecessary government spending.
Albacete, Spain

Albacete Cutlery Museum

Housed in a stunning Victorian building, this museum has the largest exhibition of knives, blades, penknives, and scissors in Spain.
Almansa, Spain

Battle of Almansa Museum

Commemorating a battle where French troops were commanded by an Englishman, and English troops by a Frenchman.
Valencia, Spain

Cat House

This house's itty bitty size means no humans allowed.
Valencia, Spain

La Estrecha House

With a facade that measures just 107 centimeters, this five-story building is one of the skinniest in Europe.
Valencia, Spain

Holy Chalice of Valencia

Of the many chalices in the running for the Holy Grail, this one in Valencia Cathedral sure looks the part.
Valencia, Spain

Fuente de la Pantera Rosa (Pink Panther Fountain)

A curious fountain that resembles a beloved character from the 1960s.
Tortosa, Spain

Abandoned Gas Holder

These ruins are all that remain of Tortosa’s lost coal gas manufacturing industry.
Tortosa, Spain

Jardins del Príncep

A botanical garden full of thought-provoking contemporary sculptures.
Tortosa, Spain

Commemorative Monument of the Battle of the Ebro

This memorial, built by fascist dictator General Franco in 1960, has been repurposed by the people of Catalonia.
Cambrils, Spain

En la Pla de les Serenes

This amazing piece of modern art honors the hundreds of fishermen killed during Cambrils' "year of misfortunes."
Cambrils, Spain

Cambrils' Ceramic House

An elaborately decorated house sits on an otherwise quiet street.
Cabra del Camp, Spain

Mazinger Z

Super Robot anime statue guards a forgotten suburban development in Tarragona.
Zaragoza, Spain

Reloj Solar Multicaja-Zaragoza

The world's largest sundial can cast a shadow more than 1,600 feet long.
Guadalajara, Spain

Osborne Bull

Originally used to sell brandy, the bull-shaped billboard became an iconic symbol of Spain.
Villarrubia de Santiago, Spain

Cueva de la Yedra

This cave in the heart of La Mancha is full of esoteric secrets.
Burgos, Spain

Cartuja de Miraflores

This Gothic church houses ornate royal tombs and a magnificent gilded altarpiece.
Tangier, Morocco

Meeting of the Mediterranean and Atlantic

A sign marks where the two bodies of water meet.
Madrid, Spain

El Dragón de la Elipa

This dragon narrowly escaped demolition.
Aranjuez, Spain

Museo de Falúas Reales (Royal Barges Museum)

A collection of riverboats of the Spanish royal family in a quaint museum.