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Naples, Italy

Bar Nilo

Locals pay their respects at a shrine to soccer player Diego Maradona—which claims to contain a real lock of his hair.
Prague, Czechia

'Lilith' by David Černý

A colossal statue of a woman hugging a modern building.
Oxford, England

The Norrington Room

Once one of the largest rooms full of books in the world, this bookstore basement is still a treat for bibliophiles.
Athens, Greece


The Lobotesis family has been baking some of the best savory pies in Athens since 1910.
Athens, Greece

Cafe Avissinia

Catch raucous live performances of traditional tunes at this old-school taverna.
Birmingham, England

'A Life in the Year of the Chinchillas'

The ceiling of this shopping arcade is adorned with six trompe-l’œil artworks, including a grim funeral scene.
Sydney, Australia


In the shadow of the Sydney Opera House, Indigenous ingredients shine.
Rome, Italy

Museo Barracco di Scultura Antica

An expansive collection donated by an heirless nobleman formed this admission-free civic museum.
Dorset, England

Badbury Rings

An Iron Age hill fort turned scenic nature park.
Wimborne Saint Giles, England

Philosopher's Tower

A small tower where a philosopher once speculated on human nature and morality.
George Town, Malaysia

Dhammikarama Burmese Temple

This Theravada Buddhist temple is a peaceful oasis steeped in history.
Washington, D.C.

Taras Shevchenko Memorial

A small park honors the legendary Ukrainian poet.
Reading, England

Maiwand Lion

The lion represents a fascinating part of English history, and the story of a man who obsessed over its creation.
Cheltenham, England

Masonic Hall

One of the oldest Masonic buildings in England, and still in use today.
Brussels, Belgium


From motorcycles to firetrucks and sports cars to horse-drawn carriages, this Belgian collection goes beyond rare cars.
Ipswich, England

Alexander Obolensky Statue

A bronze and stone statue made to recognize the life and career of a Russian aristocrat turned English rugby player.
Portsmouth, England

Charles Dickens Statue

A rare full-sized statue of one of Britain's famous writers.
Lisbon, Portugal

Church of St. Dominic

The scorched Lisbon church that survived two earthquakes and a massive fire.
Ipswich, England

Bobby Robson Statue

A life-sized statue commemorating the former manager of Ipswich's football team.
Budapest, Hungary

Uránia Nemzeti Filmszínház

A stunning Art Nouveau cinema in the heart of Budapest.
Leiston, England

Leiston Abbey

An abbey dedicated to St. Mary, and homed Canon Regulars following Premonstratensian rule.
George Town, Malaysia

Jawi House

This restored house offers a twist on Penang's Peranakan history.
Oxford, England

Magdalen College Gargoyles

A cornucopia of gargoyles adorns the oldest portion of Oxford’s Magdalen College.
Athens, Greece

Daphni Monastery

This lesser-visited World Heritage site in Athens boasts an impressive ensemble of medieval gold mosaics.