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Vihals, Norway

Local legends say that a giant who tried to destroy a nearby church lived in this rock cave.  


Jutulholet is a surprise hidden on one of the smaller islands next to Aure, in Møre and Romsdal kommune. It is a perfect stop on your way to Kristiansund or Trondheim.

Jutulholet is a huge cave hidden within the surrounding hills. Local legends say that a giant (jutul) that tried to destroy the church in Aure lived there. While he may no longer be present, you can definitely explore it, or even spend the night there! The cave is known mostly to locals so occasionally, a local social event (i.e. a concert) happens there, but most of the time the cave is devoid of humans.

While on your exploration, you can also look around a World War II defense camp where soldiers guarded the coastline against Germans. If you have even more time (let’s say 2-5 hours), you can take a trip up the hills to the nearest top, Bjørnskardliknubben.

Know Before You Go

Everything named above is completely free of charge and open 24/7. You can park your car on one of three small parking lots, one being right next to the defense camp. The path to the cave and up the hill is clearly marked by red markings on the surroundings as the path is one of the official regional tourist paths.

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