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Kelley's Island Glacial Grooves

Deep scars on the earth left by the Ice Age. 


The glacial grooves on the north side of Kelleys Island are the largest and most easily accessible glacial grooves in the world. They were scoured into solid limestone bedrock about 18,000 years ago by the great ice sheet that covered part of North America.

A trough 400 feet long, 35 feet wide, and up to 10 feet deep remains today. The ice, probably hundreds of feet thick, flowed from the north in what is now the Lake Erie basin. The Devonian limestone grooves contain marine fossils that are 350 to 400 million years old, though many other previously existing grooves were quarried away during the last century.

Fencing now protects this National Natural Landmark. A walkway and stairs permit visitors a good view of the grooves. The best way to get there is to take the ferry and get a golf cart and drive around the island. You can also fly in on a small airplane.

Know Before You Go

It is on the northside of The island. However the Island is only accessible by ferry.

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