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Of all the places to display a profuse hodgepodge of Russian memorabilia, the historic colonial center of a South American beach town must rank among the most unlikeliest. Yet, that’s what KGB Cartagena is.

The owner has been collecting Soviet memorabilia for 20 years. The entrance of the bar and his business card, however, state that his bar is not an endorsement of any political philosophy, but rather a display of art. One of the two dining rooms is designed to resemble the interior a submarine, while the other room is a bar with everything from flags, ice skates,  and Russian nesting dolls (known as matryoshka), to plaques, enormous coins, and hazmat suits. To top it off, the servers at the bar are dressed in era-appropriate uniforms.

The food menu is somewhat limited, but most customers go for the drinks and to paint the town red (an appropriately communist color).

Know Before You Go

KGB Cartagena can be found in the Walled City (or Cuidad Amurallo) at the Northwest corner of Plaza Fernandez de Madrid. The menu is somewhat pricey by Cartagena standards.

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