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Kunstkammer Georg Laue

One man's personal kunstkammer, museum and shop. 


A passionate collector and art historian, Georg Laue was fascinated by Renaissance Kunstkammer and Wunderkammer since he was working with his father’s antiques business. In 1997 Laue opened his own Kunstkammer shop and museum in the centre of Munich.

The room where the collection is held was designed in 1873 by Blersch, the Royal Bavarian Court Stucco Master, and it has a frescoed ceiling supported by columns. This design fits perfectly with the shop, and the kunstkammer is not only an antique shop, but a real museum.

“I’d like to make a new generation of young collectors… I believe that it is especially important for the new generation of young collectors not only to lose their inhibitions but also to bridge the historical distance to the objects.”

Today George gives information as well as estimations on art objects and since 1999 he’s publishing his own series of catalogue books that deal with various aspects of Kunst and Wunderkammer.

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