La Tete Carrée Library – Nice, France - Atlas Obscura

La Tete Carrée Library

This massive blockhead sculpture hides an entire library. 


If blockhead or square-face was your first interpretation of La Tête Carrée Library, it might be just the place for you.

Posing an accusatory and clear metaphor, French artist Sacha Sosno designed this massive sculpture for the Central Library in Nice. Titled “Thinking Inside the Box,” the work has a clear but nonetheless important message. At a staggering height of 85 feet, the massive cube-shaped sculpture with a chin, actually houses three floors of books in a perfect melding of art and education.

Although unclear in the bright sunshine of the French Riviera, the floors of the library can be seen at night when it is illuminated through the canvas that covers its exterior. Whether the metaphor applies to you, or another other sun-soaked pedestrian on the streets of Nice, its imposing figure remains intriguing.

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