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Lake Ellen Kimberlite

Reason for Michigan's potential diamond mine. 


Located along a logging road that runs through private property just west of Lake Ellen in Michigan, an 18-acre exposure of tuffaceous kimberlite breccia is driving the locals wild. This is one of the few occurrences of Kimberlite in the entire United States and micro diamonds have been known to be located in the deposit in addition to small, rounded red pyrope garnets and magnesium limenite of gem quality.

Discovered in 1971, it’s not known whether or not this piece of Kimberlite would be worth mining in a traditional manner. The micro diamonds buried inside of it could be more trouble than they’re worth.

Know Before You Go

Because the lake is on private land, there is no public access. In eastern Iron County, Michigan, between Michigamme Reservoir and Lake Ellen and Little Lake Ellen.

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May 30, 2011

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