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Largemouth Bass Sculpture

Mill Pond Park

This art display in Dedham honors a local fish, and is dedicated to the volunteers who restored the canal.  


This interesting sculpture can be found along the shores of Mother Brook in Mill Pond Park. The park, which opened in 2014, has made the shores of the Brook more accessible to nearby residents to fish or take in the views of the gorgeous shoreline. 

Mother Brook is a manmade waterway that was created during the 17th century by European settlers. It’s also known as the first European man-made canal in the United States and was an important tool to power water mills. The park and waterway are also home to several bird and fish species. 

To commemorate the opening of the park, Dedham resident Gints Ginsbergs crafted and donated the Largemouth Bass sculpture to the town. The sculpture was originally crafted in 2012 and is composed of steel and sits on a granite pedestal. 

At one point, the bass statue was vandalized and taken off its base. Eventually, it was returned to its former state. 

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The Large Mouth Bass is located in Mill Pond Park in Dedham. It's across the street from Condon park on the intersection of Bussey and Colburn Street. 

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