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L'Atelier des Lumières (Workshop of Light)

An immersive projection art installation uses sound, scale, and light to take visitors inside classic works of art. 


Since April 2018, visitors to Paris’ Atelier des Lumières (Workshop of Light) have been able to enjoy the works of great artists ranging from Klimt to Van Gogh. But rather than just presenting the artists’ works, visitors are essentially transported inside the classic pieces of art as the entire cavernous space is transformed by light and sound.  

This digital art center, the first of its kind in Paris, is situated in what was once a 19th-century smelting plant, the Chemin-Vert foundry. The location provides wide-open spaces for visitors to wander through, while projections on the walls and ceilings create the feeling of being transported into mesmerizing works of art. Each experience, using cutting-edge multimedia techniques, is a feast for the eyes. 

Each piece shown in the Atelier has been created by animating thousands of still images and then musically scoring the resulting animation, Through a magnificent combination of light, color, movement, and sound, these pieces take viewers on a stunning adventure through the universe of fine art. 

As the offerings expand, other programs, like Dreamed Japan, Images of the Floating World, take visitors on an awe-inspiring trip through art from around the world. The cycle of three programs changes every few months, so it’s definitely worth checking to see what’s going on there.

Know Before You Go

There are absolutely no tickets sold at the venue, so it is essential to purchase your tickets online before attending.  Though your ticket will come with an assigned time slot, you can stay in the exhibit for as long as you like once you are there. 

The Atelier des Lumières is open weekdays from 10 to 6 and until 7 pm on weekends. An average visit is about one hour long, but you can linger here as long as you like. Three different programs of approximately 20 minutes each are offered at any given moment. Visitors are welcome to experience these three programs as many times as they like, and they loop throughout the day. Although the Atelier is popular, there is always plenty of room, with many visitors choosing to sit on the floors and experience the projections from all sides. 

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