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Lexington's Biblical Miniature Golf

Three courses accompanied by Christian rock. 


In the middle of Lexington, Kentucky—this is the place, somewhere deep in America’s Bible Belt, where you would expect to find attractions of this sort after all—there’s a putt-putt or miniature golf course known around the country for its theme. All Jesus all the time. The Lexington miniature golf course, controlled by the Lexington Ice Center and Sports Complex, is Bible-themed.

Visitors to the area can play one, two or all three of the courses, which are based, respectively, on the Old Testament, the New Testament, and miracles. As visitors compete to be best player in their group, they’re treated to Christian Rock music blasting from hidden speakers located around the park.

One person who visited the park, reviewed the Bible-themed miniature gold course on Roadside America: “At Lexington Ice Center & Miniature Golf, the best part of the course is when you get to putt through Jesus’ tomb. This is actually the best mini golf course I’ve ever played, despite the creepy Jesus factor. I haven’t been in years, and was worried that it had been junked but web investigations show that it appears to be with us still. Gets very crowded on weekends, but well worth the wait, if you can stomach the Christian rock blasting from every corner.”

The miniature golf course was first created back in 1988, but two of the sets of 18 (the New Testament and miracles) were added later. The first seven holes of the original, Old Testament course are based on the seven days of creation. (The seventh hole is extremely easy because, well, on that day, God rested.) Other holes are based on the Garden of Eden, Noah’s Ark, Mt. Sinai, the Star of Bethlehem, faith, hope, and love.

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Located at the Lexington Ice Center and Sports Complex. Take I-75 to Lexington, turn right at Man O' War, right on Beaver Creek, and right on Eureka Springs Drive.

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