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Listening and Viewing Device

This kinetic sculpture focuses the sounds of the city when you stand inside. 


On top of Druid Hill in the Wellington Botanical Gardens in New Zealand stands a sculpture entitled Listening and Viewing Device. Essentially a very large gyroscope, the coiled metal funnel is balanced on a pedestal and responds to gentle pushes and the wind. 

Instructions for how to appreciate the work are written on a plaque: “Take some time to explore this sculpture. So finely balanced is the coil of copper tubing that a small push will set it moving. It sounds like a gong when tapped. The funnel focuses the sounds of the city for those who stand inside. The artist wants you to grab it, look through it, listen and enjoy its movement, especially on windy days.”

The Wellington Sculpture Trust and Wellington City Council commissioned the work from Andrew Drummond, a local New Zealand artist, in 1994. The work is surrounded by Pinus radiata trees dating back to 1871 and celebrates the Celtic Druid’s respect of nature.



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The botanical garden is free to visit.

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