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The Boardwalk at Lake Weatherford

Weatherford, Texas

The longest floating boardwalk in the United States. 


Spanning an impressive 4,313 feet across Lake Weatherford, a lake located outside of Dallas, this floating boardwalk winds its way through the lake’s ecosystem. Guests can walk among lily pads in the middle of the lake, wander between trees in the salt marsh, or even cross the boardwalk in the dry season to see the lake as a mud flat. 

The boardwalk was designed to float to account for the highly variable depth of Lake Weatherford, which can change up to eight feet. It was added to allow lake access even in the dry season, giving guests a wheelchair-accessible path through what would otherwise be mud and plant detritus. 

The 5.8 billion gallon lake is wide and shallow, reaching only as deep as 40 feet. The lake’s popularity for recreational use varies with its water level, but this idyllic floating boardwalk ensures it can be used year-round.

Know Before You Go

The boardwalk is open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. It is designed to be accessible according to ADA regulations.

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